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Creative Uses For Plastic Clothes Hangers

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If you have more plastic clothes hangers than you have clothes to hang on them, then you may be interested in learning about other things you can do with them. This article is full of creative ways you can use your leftover plastic hangers so they don't go to waste.

Make a necklace holder

You can wrap yarn all the way around the hanger to give it a bit of decoration. Take all your necklaces and hang them from the coat hanger. This is a great way for you to store your necklaces in a way that protects them from getting tangled up the way they tend to do when they are kept in a regular jewelry box.

Make a scarf holder

You can take shower curtain loops and attach them to the plastic clothes hanger. You can then put one scarf through each of the loops so you can keep all of your scarves organized and in the same place in your closet.

Organize your hairbands

If you have a lot of hairbands and you would like a way to keep them in one place where they are out of the way, you can use the hanger. Use wire clippers to clip one side of the coat hanger and slide all your hairbands into place.

Store your spools of ribbon

If you are a crafter with spools of ribbon, you can use wire cutters to cut one side of the hanger and put the spools on the bottom rod of the hanger until it is full. This will allow you to easily pull off the ribbon each time you need it.

Make a towel holder

If you are stuck for a towel holder in one of your bathrooms then you can use a plastic clothes hanger. Hang the hanger upside down from a couple of nails. You can use the larger part to hang a towel and the hanger part (now located on the bottom) to hold a smaller hand towel or wash cloth.

Make a festive card holder

Wrap festive colored yarn all the way around the hanger and paint some wooden clothes pins to match. When you get holiday cards sent to you, clip them to the bottom rod of the hanger using the clothes pin.

Have a good time coming up with your own creative ways to use your leftover plastic clothes hangers and use some of the ideas provided here.