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Colorful Gun Socks — A Protective Storage And Transport Solution

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Colored gun socks protect firearms from scratches and corrosion. They also conceal the types of weapons that are being transported. A gun sock manufacturer may sell a variety of sock products that will adequately preserve the condition of your gun collection.

Sock Materials

Silicone, nylon, cotton, or polyester may be used to produce gun sock products. A product that contains a lycra or spandex component may make a sock stretchy. A stretchy sock will easily slide over the barrel and stock parts of a gun. Sock materials may be dyed during the manufacturing process. A gun owner can purchase colored socks that will coordinate with the colors of their guns or that are hues that they simply are fond of.

A sock manufacturer may use prints and stripes to create a line of decorative sock products. A company may feature custom socks too. A custom sock could have someone's name or initials added to it. The use of socks will not only preserve the condition of guns, but they will also personalize a person's gun collection.

Accessories And Usage Tips

Some gun sock manufacturers make products that contain a drawstring or velcro closure. A closure will prevent moisture or air from coming into contact with a gun. A closure will also ensure that a gun's condition is not compromised while it is being transported on a rainy day. A quality sock product will contain stitchery. Embroidery floss or a heavy gauge thread product is indicative of a quality sock product.

A manufacturer may also provide tags with the products that they make. Tags help a gun owner keep their guns classified, without needing to open up the socks to see which firearms are inside of them. A tag system will include connection pieces which can each be used to secure a tag to a sock. A blank field that is secured to a tag is reserved for identification purposes. An end user can use a permanent marker to write the gun model or gun type across the tag.

A tag that contains a protective cover will prevent a tag from getting dirty. After purchasing a set of gun socks, the guns that someone owns should be cleaned. Any ammunition that is in a gun should be removed. While holding a gun in an upright position, a sock can be slid around the end of the gun and pulled gently down over the gun.

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