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Considering A Sheet Metal Bar Top: What To Plan For And Consider

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If you want to create your own outdoor bar, with brick or even wood, and you think you want a metal bar top, find a sheet metal fabrication expert in your area. This is a professional that can help you get the high-quality and great-looking bar top that you have in mind.

The thickness of the metal, your budget, and how you want to customize the bar will all need to be taken into consideration. Here are a few of the things that you will want to get costs for.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Have sheet metal fabricated to encapsulate the area and to work as a bar. This is a great way to get a durable surface and a modern-looking bar top. Metal is ideal for the bar top because:

  • it is durable
  • the surface is smooth
  • pests can't destroy it
  • it's custom fit

The sheet metal fabricators will look at your dimensions and go over the type of metal and colors to design the perfect bar top that you want in your space.  

Metal Stamping Options

You can have a custom emblem stamped into the metal after the bar has been fabricated. Some different considerations for options to be stamped into the metal include:

  • favorite sports teams
  • patriotic symbols
  • branch of military symbols
  • quotes
  • nature pictures

Look at the work that has been done in the past and get ideas so you can customize the bar to be everything that you want.

Installation Options

The metal will be too heavy for you to lift on your own so you may have to pay for a delivery and installation fee. Attempting to lift and transport the metal on your own may result in damage, so find out what protective wrapping should be used and what all your options are for transport.

There is a lot that can be done when you want to have a bar top that is made of metal and if you want to have it stamped or polished. Talk with the metal fabricators in your area to get a few sets of quotes for the work that you want to be done and to figure out how you are going to do the transportation. If you think you can move the metal bar top on your own, make sure that you have enough people to do the heavy lifting and the installation of the bar.

For more information, reach out to a professional who provides sheet metal fabrication services.