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A Simple Approach To Starting Your Own Successful Cannery Business

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Do you have a desire to start a business selling your own canned goods? If so, you may fear the initial start-up costs and legalities regarding the sale of foods made from home. The following information will help you understand the easy approach to starting a canning business from the comforts of your home and growing your business over time, which could mean a low business start-up cost with big profits in the future.

Determine the legalities for operating a canning business in your state. 

The legalities for opening a canning business varies. These variations can affect the overall start-up costs of a cannery business. Some states have laws that are referred to as cottage laws or exemptions in place. These laws and exemptions allow people interested in starting their own canning businesses to be able to do so on a smaller scale rather than having to invest in a physical business location.

If you decide to start your canning business under a cottage law or exemption, ensure that you pay attention to the laws so that you know when you may need to apply for a different type of license. For example, the state of Alabama limits food sales on a cottage law license to below $20,000. 

Invest in the correct equipment.

This business venture needs to operate in a safe manner to be successful. This is why it is imperative that you invest in the correct type of canning equipment.

Perhaps you have been using old-fashioned canning techniques. It is best to invest in can seamer machines for business purposes. This ensures that the products sold will have a more professional packaging appearance. It also will aid in reducing the chances of contamination occurring from faulty sealing.

Keep in mind you will be canning items on a larger scale as your business grows, which is why you should use a scalable approach to canning for your business needs. Ensure you also locate a can seamer rebuilder or repair company at the time of your investment. This may reduce the amount of downtime you experience if your machine needs servicing. 

Focus on local branding, which can help to garner strong customer loyalty.

Perhaps your goal is to expand your cannery business and become nationally or internationally known. Get a strong following in your locale first. You can do this by participating in events such as getting a booth to display and sell goods at fairs or carnivals. You can also give away free samples and promotional items with your business name on them. Ensure you make a visit to your local Chamber or Commerce and see what marketing services advice they can extend to you.

Expand your brand through online exposure.

Every business regardless of size and type should have a website these days especially if future growth is anticipated. You can also take advantage of social media to raise more awareness. Create a blog about canning topics, and share information about your business, ingredients used in your goods, and new products releases.

Upgrade your business license and equipment as needed.

If you initially start your business under cottage laws, ensure you upgrade your business if it grows beyond the legal licensing requirements under your state law. You may also want to add more canning equipment at this stage and move your business beyond the confines of your home. A can seamer manufacturer is the best resource to use to select the appropriate machine to use for mass production canning.