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Creative Custom Metal Fabrications For Home Or Business

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Precision sheet metal fabricators can create anything that you want or need in metal. This service is excellent for personalizing your residence or business or making a one-of-a-kind art object. Custom sheet metal objects can be made singly or in multiples, depending on your needs. Metals commonly used for fabricating custom metal products include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and cold or hot-rolled steel. A multitude of different finishes and textures are available with these metals. Metal thickness can range from 22 gauge sheet thru 1/2 inch plate. Here are some custom-made, precision sheet metal fabrications that have been created for homes and businesses:

  • Shelving and Countertops - If you have an unusual living room, kitchen or display room that you would like to furnish with metal shelves and/or countertops, you can have them custom made to your exact specifications. Standard shelving and countertops are only available in a few sizes and finishes. If you wish to have a unique, personalized look, you can have them custom made just for you.
  • Rain Gutters and Water Drainage - If your residence or business is unusual in style or size, you may need to have your rain gutters and water drainage system custom made and installed. Directing rainwater away from your house or business is a much-needed function that can be created in metal that is strong and will last for many years. 
  • Car Restorations - When restoring classic cars, it may be impossible to find original metallic body and engine parts that you need. With precise drawings and specifications, these missing parts can be custom made to fit the car you are restoring. Fenders, hoods, and side panels can all be made and painted to perfectly fit the automobile being restored. If you have photographs or drawings of the original cars, these parts can be duplicated.
  • Walls, Ceilings, Floors, and Panels - Architectural objects created in metal are extremely attractive and popular. These objects can transform an ordinary looking room into a spectacular exhibition space. To design any of these architectural objects, it may be helpful to make full-scale mock-ups in cardboard so that you can see what your ideas will actually look like when in the space where they are designed to be. 
  • Art and Sculpture Displays - Sheet metal display cases can work very well for galleries and art museums. They can be small or large and incorporate glass or plexiglass windows for secure viewing. Underneath the displays, locked storage can be integrated to hide electrical wires and alarm systems as they lift the objects up to eye level for optimal viewing.  
  • Chandelier Lighting - Large-scale hanging chandeliers can be created out of fabricated sheet metal to highlight an entryway, hall or even a commercial exhibition space. With the proper lights and reflections, these chandeliers can be the center of attention in any room or building. 

If you have a one-of-a-kind creative project or a thousand small decorative objects that you want to produce, consider having them custom fabricated in sheet metal. Metal is a contemporary look that cannot be duplicated in wood, glass, tile or other materials. For a unique and artistic look, use metal.